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our discussion on observation and awareness of wat you are. It creates passion into purpose and kNOW how to become llmltless in every way you feel. we wlll have an lndept look at the 5 elements that make up our universe and beyond, its relation to your body for better healing practices.

observe nature closely to kNOW its signature when one feels it, while actually drinking some herbal teas and look at foods to eat that will improve mind and body oness.

elemantalartlst kNOW how to search and not depend on research, if everyone is doing research all they can find is someone else research for (it was written as they say). so one should kNOW  that research simply means no new content, ln a unlverse of oness content ls llmltless.

elementalartlst meets sundays 3 pm for 3 hours for 9 weeks.

change yuh world