Lotion making funshop

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Lotion making

A day for creating lotions save the date july 29th 2018.

3 hours of creating lotions that you will love while having an experience you will never forget.


Topics for discussion:





Carrier oils

Essential oils

Skin conditions


The way we train is “if we cant eat it we don't put it on our skin”. On this lovely day we will be creating 3 amazing body lotions, one for everyday moisturizing of your body, another for conditions of the skin such as eczema and one that can react quickly to what is called sunburn.

This online lotion making funshop starts at 3:00 pm july 29th 2018 . 

At our live online making funshop you will acquire the skills of creating simple and very effective body lotions that will provide your body with the results you seek.

Our live online lotion making funshop fee is $30.00 you will receive a link the this live event once funds are transferred.


Here is a list of ingredients that we will be using in the event you would like to create wit us live.

2 aloe leaves

1 fully ripe mango

1 pack of blackberries

2 cucumbers

2 hand full irish moss

1 ounce calendula herb

1 ounce chickweed herb

1 ounce of red clover blossoms


3 containers or jars

1-3 essential oils of your choice

Grapefruit Seed extract

1 Wood spoons