GRECAL Bush Tea 3oz

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Blended wlth elementalartlstry GRECAL can lncrease the mineral absorption of matter...(which is what you are made of) aka body! Some may say is the building block of all matter is known as calclum, the great binder of all things! So GRECAL was created to deliver that big C binding power to all matter. The vibration that can keep the bones stronger longer.

Take conception, boom shes pregnant the vitalforce that she is carrying is ready to take form (become matter) so is reaching for and absorbing the great binder of all if mom is not up on her GRECAL the vitalforce begins to take the great binder from her storage which resides in her bones, which can lead to all kinds of bone relater complications later on in life

GRECAL can be a daily drinker knowing that the great binder works well with maintaining cellular structures. Or matter if you want to call it that... For us GRECAL is the great binder that many other minerals rely on to create a dominant structure  GRECAL can nourish the matter and strengthen the foundation so other 107 minerals that is said the one needs can be assimilated and absorbed more efficiently. We always say age is nothing but a number and its all about what you choose to nourish your body to maintain ones vitalforce that keeps us going longer and stronger each new day.