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colon cleanse works to stimulate the entire digestive system. while energizing the walls of the the whole digestive system especially the colon to generate full bowel movements an eliminate constlpatlon. colon cleanse also can clean the walls of the digestive tract allowing one to absorb more nutrients from food eaten, which also can eliminate fatigue by providing hlgher energy levels and more...

we encourage once using colon cleanse that you begin small changes to the things you choose to fuel the body with and when. the body goes through 3 cycles assimilation/digestion/elimination..we eat/digest/shlt..So we wake each morning and 90% of the time one may head straight to the bathroom to eliminate (pee or poop), then we eat (assimilate) to have the energy we need for the day which happens through digestion the process of breaking food down and turning it into energy that we are. so say you still hungry in the evening because the food you ate earlier didn't contain the nutrients the body needed to complete the day, eat a salad, this way at rest enjoying the cleansing cycle and not have the body trying to digest all that heavy ass food while at rest.. and we wonder why some of us wake up so tired.

eat more water foods to keep the body hydrated especially the colon is ka the reservoir of the body. think of it like this if you have dirt pilling  up and all you had was a fan to blow air, fire of any kind or a garden hose with running water.. which one would you use to clear the dirt buildup? so get you waters in. you know just small changes as you go. so enjoy the colon cleansing...





Colon Cleanse proprietary blend: Cape Aloe leaf, Wildcrafted Barberry Root, Cascara Sagrada, Garlic bulb, Turkey Rhubarb, Black Walnut, Cayenne pepper and other herbal blend