Herbalist Training

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Herbalist Training

Start date: February 18th, 2018 
Weeks 1 &2 In-depth look at the nature’s elements and the role they play within the universe and how to use them to facilitate the body in healing itself.
.Water .Air .Earth .Fire .Ether
Week 3 &4
Botany and the Biomes and the role it plays when it comes to herb selection
.Plants .Insects .World Biomes
Week 5 & 6
Vibrations and Plant Energetics.
.Energy awareness .Plant signatures .Wild crafting
Week 7, 8 & 9
An intense observation of the human body, its twelve body systems and how they work as one.
.Cardiovascular system .Immune system .Endocrine system .Lymphatic system .Reproductive system .Skeletal system .Respiratory System .Urinary system .Nervous system .Muscular system .Integumentary system .Digestive system
Week 10
Discussion on Diabetes.
.Food .Sugars .Addiction .Prevention .Regenerate1a
Week 11
Discussion on blood pressure.
.Advance Circulatory system .Stress .Food
Week 12 & 13x
All about the HERBS
Week 14 & 15
Attracting clients and working with them. Detox your home workshop (all natural house hold cleaning products) 

Date of completion: May 27th, 2018.

Discussions are held once a week on Sundays 12- 3 pm. Discussions will be recorded and available for you to view recording at a later time if needed also. Participants will be drinking different single herb teas each week along with plant identification projects, all weekly assignments would be submitted digitally after completion. Family and friends field trips would all have to be documented. Participants will also have to experience different types of fasting which leads up to a mental detox and more...
Herbalist Training is a pay as you go event, $100. payment must be made at least one day in advance to secure a spot in weekly discussions.

Payment options:

Pay as you go $100.00 weekly. 

If you prefer a one time payment price will be discounted to $1200.00

Payments can be made through our website www.herbalbushhouse.cc / paypal /cash app

Contact information: email toks@herbalbushhouse.cc or herbalbushhouse@yahoo.com      phone 201-443-5034