The Elements and YOU

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Popular demand says that all we are is energy. And as a fact to be energy you have to posses the five elements, which are Air/water/fire/ether/earth. Lets start with ether or space as some call it, without it (space) we wouldn't be here. fact! so look at if there wasn't space in a car could you fit so you could not be in the car, if there wasn't space for Air to flow would that engine run. shit just like if there wasn't space in your lungs you wouldn't be able to breathe and we all know what happens then, no more energy you die. so that is a touch on space and air.

so check out earth, everything that one can make has to be a product from the earth. the soil. so basically anything that has form comes form the earth. so what gives us form is our bones without them we could not have form shit if i rip the skeleton out of your body you are dead simple. so we have earth.

l know my body needs to maintain a certain temperature and to do that l need Fire. to heat anything you need fire, weather cause by friction, spark or the sun its all fire as l know it. so the spark that beats in my chest is my Fire the same one you can notice through my eyes, the same electricity that runs through my nerves shit we have Fire.

shit l know we Water shit look at how much of they say to drink a day, all kinds of foking Water. so for dam sure we have Water also.

So what l am is the five elements basically just energy. This is why different types of herbs work for some things and not others.herbs just have the ability to generate energy cause its alive. they posses the same five elements Air/Water/Earth/Ether/Fire which generates life as we know it right. So now just train the mind on what you are then help others to regenerate their energy which is the body that posses life as we know it.



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