Anemia and me

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They say that people that are anemic tend to have a low iron count. lt has to be one of the worst feelings in the world knowing that your running low on oxygen. Because we know that without the element of Air the body has no life. Air is where the body gets its first food from, what we call oxygen. lack of oxygen you feel light headed, you can pass out. now where the iron comes in is,  it has the ability as we know it to transport oxygen throughout my body making me more energetic more full of life. since l chose not to be anemic l look for herbs and foods that will providing my body with a sufficient amount of iron that can generate more red (Fire) blood cells. from an elemental standpoint what element can stand the test of time of fire is like what can stand up to fire for the longest wood, plastic or iron. and how flammable is oxygen (Fire) which we use to heat near dam anything. Put all this together now when we look at herbs, food and spices and understand their energetic nature you can improve energy which posses the five elements Air/Water/Earth/Ether/Fire which generates life as we may know it. Just saying don't take anemia lightly


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