Wisdom and Understanding

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Peace and blessings to all my lovely people out there, hope all is well. It is said that wisdom and understanding is more precious than the finest gold and choice silver but yet I always wonder why wisdom and understanding of nature is not taught to us from an early age. Don’t you think our children would grow up with a higher level of consciousness that they can LIVE a full and abundant life? Have you ever ask yourself “am I living life or am I just surviving”?

            I always ask believers, if Christ came and died for us to live life and live it more abundantly, why so many of us are just surviving. If there is anyone that thinks waking up five six even seven days a week and going to a JustOverBroke for forty plus hours a week is living life, well that says a lot of what we have been taught. Now as a herbalist I know there isn’t any randoms in this universe, everything that happens suppose to happen…. And what is, is for a reason.

            Take for example the color yellow, not the bright color yellow that we associate with fire but the mellow yellow as some may call it. This mellow yellow is everywhere, most regard it as earth tone and we know the earth to be the best ground for all excess energy this is why you can look at the light pole that has high power wires running at the top of it there will be a ground wire going into the earth in the event of a power surge i.e. (lightning strike). But back to mellow yellow. I would like you to think for a minute, where is my environment can I find mellow yellow?

            So I’m sitting here thinking of writing something that can turn into an article and I’ve been warned of that before so hear this. I am offering the first person to give me 3 places/things in our environment where mellow yellow is used each day to control the masses, a $100. Gift certificate to be use at naturehasalltheanswers.com and when I get the answers I’ll continue writing.


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