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Hi ladies and Gentlemen hope all is well with you all. Well since the Big E virus went viral a few weeks ago I’ve been ask by many people “what do I think about this Ebola virus?” “Do you think it’s man-made?” and so on. One lady sent me a link that had the governor of the state of Connecticut declaring marshal medical law, not going to post the link but if you’re interested in reading the details I’m sure you can google it right.

So here I go, short and simple enough that I think all should be able to overstand. According to Mosby” medical dictionary the medical term {VIRUS} comes from a Latin word root meaning {POISON}, which means that so-called viral infections are nothing more than severe cases of Blood Toxicity and Impurity whereby the body becomes the perfect atmosphere for parasite and worm infestation. Yes, worms and parasites are present in so-called viral infections. A virus is not a parasite according to the etymology of the word, but a condition that is conductive to negative microorganisms or protozoa, those commonly known as parasites.

Viral infection simply means the body is too acidic (very low body pH level) and too anaerobic (lacking oxygen). So-called viral conditions disappear when the body becomes more alkaline and oxygenated. This is why you hear us speak a lot about kangen alkaline water, alkaline foods (living foods) non GMO of course, the use of natural house hold cleaners……. because as we do this is not only the body gets more oxygenated and alkaline but the body’s immune response can get stronger and quicker. Remember a couple reports saying the first doctor of the two that were infected with the big E virus who returned to the US for treatment, before leaving Africa had injected himself with the blood of a young child who apparently his immunity was strong and responsive enough to produce the antibodies to destroy the big E virus.

Now you need to ask yourself this. Is my SAD (standard American diet) ways of eating putting the body in a more acidic state or alkaline state? Does someone die from a virus or did they actually die from a weak immune system? (Research the body’s T cells functions). Trying to keep this short but so much to say, the blog is open to all so maybe someone else may add to what I’m thinking.

Man-made?? As far as I’m concern man never made shit! He just alters nature and in doing so create chaos 99% of the time. A young man asked me “do you think they will find a cure” I reply “what do you think” he said to me “there is no money in finding a cure right”.

In conclusion I will leave by saying this. Let’s stop letting ourselves be control (via FEAR) yet again, fear makes you a slave and you can even be more of a slave if you open up yourself to chemicals man may choose to give to you because of your fear of the Big E virus, I can’t remember the word right now but I remember it starts with a V and ends in tion.

Your Health Is Your Command!

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