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DANDELION, Taraxacum Officinale

Dandelion is a most hated weed but a real winner.

Imagine, now just imagine, that you are sitting in your house and times are pretty hard. Someone knocks at the door and ask if they can clean all of the dandelions out of your lawn, and it won’t cost you a cent. True, dandelions are considered just weeds, but in many parts of the world they are grown for food and medicine.

A lady told of her father and his liver problems. She said he drank a lot and ate mostly pizzas and hamburgers. She said his liver got real bad and his gallbladder wasn’t too good, so she took him to the hospital. They wanted to operate, but they weren’t sure he’d make it through the operation, so they sent him home.

One day, an old friend came to see him. He said to the man, "you mean you got all those dandelion plants growing all around your yard and you’re laying here complaining about liver problems?" The lady who was telling the story said the father’s friend took her out and they dug up about a bucketful of dandelions, roots and all. They washed them and cleaned them all up. Then they cut the leaves and tops off. They took a handful of the roots, cut them up and simmered them for a while. They gave her dad a few sips of the tea every hour or so. They made him salad out of the leaves and blossoms. The friend emphasized laying off the booze, eating fruits and vegetables and cleansing the colon.

She said in a short while his appetite came back, a good color came back to his skin and it wasn’t long until he went back to work. She said "I never thought a common little weed like a dandelion could help a man as big and as ornery as my dad."

Dandelion is a storehouse of nutrition. It is a natural source of sodium, calcium and potassium. It has some iron, phosphorus, nickel, copper, and zinc. Everyone says how great carrots are for the eyes because they have 1275 units of vitamin A per ounce. However, one report I read says dandelions have a whopping 7,000 units of vitamin A per ounce, besides a lot of the vitamins B, C, E and G.

The whole dandelion is edible and should be eaten not only as a survival food, but should be used as a tonic food. The leaves should be eaten in the spring and fall salads to tone up the body, or in green drinks almost all year round.

For centuries dandelion has been a great liver cleanser, a blood purifier, and an aid to kidney problems. Dandelion is used in grandma’s herbal liver and kidney recipes. The sodium salts in this herb will help detoxify the blood and many can overcome gout. A lack of these sodium salts is said to be one of the causes of anemia.

Jethro Kloss says "that besides being good for jaundice and other complaints of the liver, dandelion will help the kidney, spleen and pancreas. It is good for scurvy, scrofula, eczema and other shin diseases. It will help diabetes, dropsy and increase the flow of urine and act as a mild laxative"

You know its real strange how people just go along and don’t do anything to improve their health. It’s just like they haven’t changed the oil in their car for fifteen years and never cleaned the carburetor. They never try to cleanse out their bodies, or exercise, or eat foods or herbs that will tone up the body. Then they get sick or some part of the body breaks down and they can’t figure out what happened or why they got sick. Maria Treben says "if you eat six dandelion stems a day, you will never have a liver problem" you can find them everywhere and, you know, they don’t taste bad.


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